Bring your learning to life at York U with experiential opportunities in the classroom, the workplace, the community and abroad.

8,000+ experiential education opportunities at York U


8 cool opportunities for Experiential Education

A modern education prepares students for success in a global economy by combining high-quality, research-intensive classroom learning with diverse experiential education (EE) opportunities.

EE involves the application of theory to a concrete example in the community, workplace or classroom. EE is all about hands-on learning that opens up new ways of thinking and helps grads stand out in a competitive job market.

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York is pushing the boundaries of teaching through innovative delivery methods and unique learning settings. Whether in the classroom, out in the community, or at work, York offers Experiential Education opportunities in a wide variety of environments. EE opportunities exist across many of York's programs, designed to fit every learning style.

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York University EcoCampus, Costa Rica

Make a difference beyond the classroom with community experiential learning

At York, we are all about experiential learning, or EE — putting theory into practice through a wide range of real-life projects in the workplace, community and classroom. While all of these sites offer a wealth of advantages and opportunities for skills-based learning and advancement, an EE experience in local or global communities gives students the chance to create a lasting, positive impact in the world around them while they work towards their degree.

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Theatre costume design in the School of Arts, Media, Performance and Design, York University

Experiential education infuses real-world scenarios into traditional classroom learning

Hitting the lecture halls can be exciting when classroom experiences are enhanced by interactive experiential learning opportunities at York University. Combining high-quality theoretical knowledge with hands-on learning these are just some of the on-campus and in-class EE options that students can look forward to.

Choose exciting opportunities for work experience during your university degree

From paid co-op and internship programs, to placements and a wide variety of practicums, York offers a myriad of learning experiences across a number of faculties and programs that connect classroom learning to the workplace. Check out some of the interesting ways students can get their foot in the door while still in school.


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